Electric lift pumps for Diesel, Gasolin, PPO/SVO/WCO

We are direct dealer of HARDI membrane pumps and stock a wide range of the most common models for fast day to day delivery. HARDI pumps have automatic pressure limitation to approx. 0,15-0,3bars (depending on model), and automatically adjusts the pump speed to the engine's fuel consumption. HARDI pumps have integrated non-return valves, and are mounted on the fuel line as close to the tank as possible, and suitable for Gasolin, Diesel, Ethanol and Methanol. If you don´t find your HARDI model in our webshop, please send us a request

For more viscous oils or for applications requiring higher feed pressures up to 3 or 5 bars, we supply gear pumps with adjustable pressure limitation. The gear pumps are suitable for diesel, PPO/SVO/WCO and other oils.

Feed pumps should be protected with a coarse prefilter to prevent larger dirt particles from entering valves that can disturb the pump operation.

HARDI Pump Accessories