HARDI electric lift pumps for diesel and gasolin

HARDI electrical lift pumps are membrane pumps, which are typically used to feed gasoline and diesel engines, or mounted as auxiliary pump to the engine's mechanical feed pump. The HARDI pumps are used on a wide range of applications, such as Generator, boats and vehicles.

The pump operates by moving the diaphragm in a swinging motion, causing pressure and negative pressure in the pump chamber alternately. In both inlets and outlets there is a non-return valve that only allows liquid to flow in one direction, respectively. Into the pump chamber at suction, and out of the pump chamber by pressure. To create suction, the membrane is affected by an electric coil, and the spring presses the membrane back, causing pressure.

The HARDI pumps are produced with 3 different pumping capacities in respectively. 6V, 12V or 24V DC, as well as 9 different designs of the end cap with connection of fuel hoses.

Suitable for
Engine power
11 6 1-2 0,11-0,15 40-50 <60hp
22 6 1-2 0,15-0,20 45-55 60-100hp
77 6 1-2 0,25-0,28 50-60 >100hp
33 12 or 24 1-2 0,13-0,18 60-80 <60hp
44 12 or 24 1-2 0,18-0,26 80-100 60-100hp
88 / 99 / 100 12 or 24 1-2 > 0,28 100-130 >100hp

The pump elements 11, 22 and 77 are 6V DC, while the elements 33,44,88,99 and 100 are available in both 12V and 24V DC.

Examples of pump designation:
Designation 18812 is read as 1 88 12, meaning end cap type 1, pump element 88, supply voltage 12V DC.

Designation 8812-3 is read as 88 12-3, which means pump element 88, supply voltage 12V DC, end cap type 3.

In addition, waterproof design is marked with a V last in the type designation, eg. 13312V,  Which means end cap type 1, pump element 33, supply voltage 12V, and  V for waterproof construction.

Cross references:

End caps & electric connections

Below are variants of end caps with different options for connection, and 2 different electric connections (Standard/waterproof)

Type 1: Ø8mm swivel hose nipples
Type -3: 2 x Ø8mm hose nipples
Type -7: 2 x Ø12mm hose nipples

Standard Electric connection

2 x 6,3mm flat male terminals
Type -0: 2 x M14 x 1.5 external thread
Type -5: IN: 1/2" UNF20, external thread, OUT: Ø7mm hose nipple
Type -8: 2 x M14x1,5 internal thread

Water proof electric connection(designation V)

Water proof electric connection with 2 wires (Yellow +. White ÷) using wire joints
Type -1: 2 x 1/4" external BSP thread
Type -6: 2 x Ø10mm hose nipples
Type 9912: 2 x 3/8" internal BSP thread