German Scientists recommend PPO as green fuel for agricultural and forestry machinery

German Scientists recommend PPO as green fuel for agricultural and forestry machinery

The researchers from the German TFZ have just published a very comprehensive technical report describing long-term testing of tractors powered by locally produced rapeseed oil. The project has tested 20 tractors over a 10-year period, with a total of 60,000 operating hours on rapeseed oil. The conclusion is clear: engine power, fuel consumption and emissions differ just slightly from tractors powered by diesel. Emission tests have been carried out both in the test bench with stationary equipment and with mobile test equipment during operation in the field. The results show that the engines comply with recent emission standards and that exhaust after-treatment systems work. Rapeseed oil reduces the emission of greenhouse gases by 90% compared to fossil diesel.

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Press release from TFZ, 21/2 2019 
”Tractors fueled with climate protection”
In German. English translation below.

TFZ Report no. 60
”Long-term testing of plant oil optimized tractors with emission standard I - IV”

Information page about the TFZ project
"Monitoring of plant oil powered tractors"

Unofficial english translation of the TFZ press release
(by Niels Ansø, 22.03.2019):

Tractors fueled with climate protection

TFZ certifies biofuel long-term practicality

Straubing, Germany, 21.02.2019.
"Recommendable!" Is how the scientists of the Technology and Support Center (TFZ) could describe their conclusion from analyzing modern tractors for functionality, efficiency and environmental impact in a long-term project. The special feature: The tractors were fueled with rapeseed oil fuel. In the research report that has just been published, the results are extremely positive: the biofuel is convincing in terms of both practicability and climate protection. Conclusion: Farmers can rely on the new technology.
The scientific results are based on 60,000 operating hours of 20 tractors fueled with standardized rapeseed oil fuel (DIN 51605). Engine performance, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions differed little compared to measurements from diesel-powered tractors. With regard to exhaust emissions, measurements on the tractor test bench and with portable emissions measurement technology (PEMS) in the field prove that the latest standards are met in rapeseed oil operation and the exhaust aftertreatment systems work reliably.

Dr. Edgar Remmele, area manager at the TFZ, points out the benefits for climate protection: "The drive of modern tractors with regionally produced rapeseed oil fuel causes about 90 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel." Wherever electromobility reaches its limits, biofuels should be preferred be used. According to Remmele, this mainly includes machines in agriculture and forestry.

The project was funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. The research report is available as a free download at

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