New low shipping rates to Europe & World

New low shipping rates to Europe & World

From July 28th 2017 we offer very low shipping rates for parcels up to 2kg, to many countries in Europe and several other countries in the world, when you aree buying on our Webshop. The parcels are sent as "T&T letter" which includes Track & Trace service and Email notifications to the reciever. 

Prices for T&T Letters.

max.500g Max.1000g Max.2000g


(14,35 EUR)
(16,22 EUR)
(19,84 EUR)

Europe *


36 DKK
(4,86 EUR)
48 DKK
(6,49 EUR)
72 DKK
(9,73 EUR)

World **


44 DKK
(5,95 EUR)
60 DKK
(8,11 EUR)
93 DKK
(12,57 EUR)

For parcels more than 2kg we sent as normal parcels with PostNord(DK) or DHL.

*: T&T letter Europe is available for the following countries:

Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Faroe Islands, Island, Luxembourg, Norway, Russia, Switzerland

*: T&T letter World is available for the following countries:

Australia,Brazil,Canada,Hong Kong,Israel,Japan,China,Mexico,New Zealand,Singapore,South Korea,USA.

30-07-2017 08:57