New Video showing WCO 1-tank conversion of Toyota 4Runner 3,0TD (1KZ-T)

New Video showing WCO 1-tank conversion of Toyota 4Runner 3,0TD (1KZ-T)

I have just converted a Toyota 4Runner 3,0TD (1KZ-T) to run on WCO, with a single tank system, for a client in Norway. I made this video showing the conversion - focusing on the injector work.

Translation for non PPO / WCO nerds:
☼ PPO = Pure Plant Oil = Pure Vegetable Oil - WCO = Waste Cooking Oil.

☼ PPO and WCO can be used in modified diesel engine.
☼ When substituting 1 liter diesel with 1 liter PPO you save the environment for about 2,8kg carbon dioxid (CO2) per liter PPO.
☼ There´s still coming "diesel likely" emission out of the tale pipe - around same level as modern low sulphur diesel. The main advantage it large reduction in CO2.
☼ It requires around 13% energy input to get 100% out as new PPO (10% for cultivation and 3% for processing the seeds to PPO (for rape seed)). Using WCO is even better than new PPO (but very limitied), because its a waste where the first use of it has allready "paid" for the 13% energy and corresponding CO2 emission from the production of new PPO.
☼ PPO technology is less suitable for large cities and others with simelar short distance driving pattern, but there you have many other good alternatives such as Electrical Vehicles and Biogas Vehicles.
☼ PPO technology is very suitable for rural areas and for heavy machines and others needing to drive long distances, many hours, etc., where no other alternatives are available now.
☼ Me and my wife drove nearly 1.000.000km on PPO&WCO during the last 18 years with 4 different cars - substituting 75.500 liters of diesel and saving the environment for 210.000kg of CO2.

☼ PPO works perfectly as fuel in converted diesel engines with good quality PPO and proper conversion and load

Check out the video here:

24-06-2017 10:11