PPO generator set to operate multifunction vehicle.

PPO generator set to operate multifunction vehicle.

We have just converted a 6kW Kubota generator to operation on Pure Plant Oil (PPO). The generator will drive a unique multifunction vehicle using newly developed diesel/PPO electric hybrid technology.

The unique vehicle has been developed by the Norwegian Svein Olav Lie, who owns the company Greentrac. The vehicle is available in several versions from 4 to 8 tonnes gross vehicle weight, and is specifically designed to perform transport tasks in very rough terrain. The vehicle carries the name GT, an abbreviation of Getting There, with the understanding that the vehicle makes its way even where ordinary offroad vehicles must give up.

The idea is that the vehicle can perform transport operations in developing countries so that poor farmers can transport their goods to local markets where they can be sold. In the latest version with Diesel/PPO electric hybrid technology, the vehicle can also act as energy supply in the evening when there is need power for lighting in the otherwise dark villages, or for the operation of machinery in the workshop or processing of agricultural crops.

The vehicle is equipped with a battery pack that can uphold the power supply when the need is very small, so that the diesel/PPO engine can be switched off, thus saving large amounts of fuel needed to keep traditional generator sets idling. At the same time, the battery pack storage and later use of energy from wind turbines or solar cells. The hybrid technology has been developed by the Swedish company Thordab and is marketed by Elforest.

The GT vehicle is unique in many ways, the following may be emphasized:

 - Independent permanent 4 wheel drive with electric hub motor in each wheel .

- No mechanical parts in the transmission or steering.
- High ground clearance combined with highly flexible suspension and yet relatively low loading height .
- Very stable on sloping ground due to low centre of gravity.
- Low weight yet high load capacity.
- Can act as stationary power supply.
- Can store power from renewable energy sources.

The GT vehicle will be demonstrated in Oslo, Norway, on 25/2 2014 at 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the context of a thematic session "Can Norwegian enterprises contribute more to green technology in developing countries ?", Organized by NORAD, Ruseløøkkveien 26, Oslo.

The vehicle will be on display at the school across from NORAD building.

See also: Video demonstrating GT4 in battery operation and engine operation respectively as well as video demonstrating a remote controlled GT8 in battery operation.

For more information about the GT vehicle contact Svein Olav Lie on email b.mesdv@gmail.com or mobile +4793445119 .

For more information about Pure Plant Operation (PPO) contact Niels Ansø, DAJOLKA, on email niels@dajolka.dk or mobile +4540148020.

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